Meltron bicarb soda is made by Solvay Italy
and sold by Soda Sales in Australia.

Meltron bicarb soda is extremely consistent and an effective blast media.
Meltron is a totally man made synthetic product with a very low alkaline content.

This helps with masonry work and other substrates that require neutralization, especially within the panel and shipright industry.

Being a synthetic product, Meltron does not require any flow agents. Flow agents don’t last forever and the result has poor soda flow and discharge resulting in extra costs for the operator.

Meltron has no waterproofing agents, no calcium carbonate to make it waterproof and is water soluble.

Meltron bicarb soda – Hardness scale 2.5 – 3, Alkalinity 8-6 PH Neutral is 7.

Granulumetry values: 67.5% 200-500 microns, 21% 160-250 microns, 1.5% 150 microns.

Note: Meltron soda must be stored in a cool dry place. Packaging is not 100% waterproof.

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